Develop your next app
with multiparty video chat

The ooVoo Video Chat SDK allows for easy integration of video
communication into any app. It's built on a service used by more
than 170 million people in 130 countries.


Our SuperClear™ technology adds unbelievable video clarity to the conversation.


ooVoo operates on a proven, scalable cloud infrastructure that transmits 1+ billion video minutes to 20-50 million users per month.


We offer a premium service for developers as well as volume-pricing.


Your users are your users. No ooVoo account, or any other social media account, is required by your end users to access the video chat.

ooVoo SDK for WebRTC

Integrate high-quality, multiparty video into web applications from within modern browsers. No plugins necessary and simple Javascript API's.

ooVoo's CloudCall Processing™ adds the oomph to your app's video communications

With ooVoo's cloud-based servers, you can make the highest quality video calls from any device –
easily integrating 1-to-1 or multiparty video communications in to up to 12 devices out of the box*.
And with our ConnectionLock™ technology, we automatically detect and adjust for connection speed, which means less dropped calls. That’s the power of the ooVoo SDK.

Go ahead – size us up

The ooVoo SDK offers the developer complete control of the video window layout and design while handling the actual implementation of high performance video rendering for the developer. Learn more about how the ooVoo SDK hands you the keys to make development a snap.

The ooVoo SDK fits your app’s budget

Download the ooVoo SDK today and start developing for free! When it’s time to deploy,
choose the option that’s best for your app.

Ad supported

Include the SDK for free in your app – your users will see ads served by our partners.

Pay Per Minute

No ads. Pay per video minute. Volume pricing available.


Feel special? We’d be open to work out something that meets your unique needs.

Join our growing community of developers

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All docs are on GitHub. Grab the latest, fork us and as always, let us know if you come across any bugs.

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